Frequently asked questons (FAQ): 

How old do students need to be to enroll?

Ages 7-17 are allowed to enroll. See the course descriptions for suggested ages. 


Is software for the 3D Game Design course provided or an additional cost?

90 days of software access for the 3D Game Design course is included at no additional cost. 


For the Minecraft classes, do I need my own Minecraft account?

Yes, each student is responsible for providing their own Minecraft account. Minecraft is not included in the course fee.


What version of Minecraft are supported on the QwestCraft server?

Only Java 'Vanilla' Minecraft for PC/Mac is supported on the server. Pocket Edition, Windows10, Xbox, or other versions are not compatible with the server.


If my Minecraft is not compatible with the server, can I still participate in the course?

Yes! Server access is 100% optional and not a requirement for participating int he Minecraft courses. All Minecraft work can be completed on your own device.  


What time zones are allowed to enroll in the courses?

Any time zone from around the world is accepted! Courses are open 24/7 from the course open to close dates. Students can work online, anytime, from everywhere! To date, we have had students from 30+ countries and territories


Have a question that is not shown here on this FAQ?

Contact us and let us know!




Frequently Asked Questions