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Minecraft Architecture - 9 weeks

Course Description

The "Minecraft + Architecture History" course will teach students about 10 architectural styles to include ancient architecture (Native American, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman), Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, early American, Modern and Postmodern architecture. On average, students will complete 4-6 hours of work per week during the 9-week course. Students can add to the Minecraft construction projects they create during the course in their own spare time.


There is no limit on the number of architecturally inspired buildings they can create in Minecraft! This course will follow a “flexible schedule” and does not have scheduled online meetings. This flexible schedule allows students to work at any time, 24/7 for the duration of the 10-week course. Thus, keeping all students working at a similar pace but not requiring them to attend a set online class meeting time. Each Monday morning (12:00 AM Pacific) the tasks for the week will be unlocked and available to enrolled students via the free online Canvas portal (


Instructions on how to access the Canvas online classroom will be emailed prior to the start date of the course. The weekly checklists include reading notes, going on virtual field trips to visit the architectural sites/buildings, taking quizzes, watching video lessons, creating your Minecraft builds, and posting your builds to the discussion forums. The teacher will participate in the online discussion forums to provide feedback and can always be reached via email and through Canvas. To stay on track, students should follow the provided pacing guide each week of which tasks should be completed each day (Mon-Fri).


There is generally about 1 hour of work per day. Students should be sure to complete the weekly tasks before the next week of tasks are unlocked to stay on track. 


For "Weeks 1-2: Ancient Architecture" unit will teach students about the ancient structures created by the Egyptians, Native Americans (both North and South America), Greeks and Romans. Learn why these structures have withstood the test of time and how their designs have influenced buildings to this day. Then build your own pyramids, temples, and villas in Minecraft.

In "Weeks 3-4: Gargoyles and Angels" students will learn about Medieval and Renaissance-era architects and the buildings of the 10th-17th centuries. Buildings of this time are known for their detail, decoration, ornamentation and the many years it took to build them. In Minecraft, students will build their own creations based on Medieval and Renaissance architecture.

During "Weeks 5-6: For the Queen!" students will learn the history and significance of Queen Anne, Victorian and early American architecture of the 1700-1800’s and create builds in Minecraft based on these styles.

For the "Weeks 7-8: Make it Modern" unit, students will use Minecraft to create their own flat-roofed, and angular modern buildings based on the work of the mid 1900’s, build skyscrapers like those of the late 20th century or create futuristic models of places to live, work and play based on 21st century postmodern designs.

During "Week 9: The good, bad and ugly of postmodern and futurism" students will use Minecraft to create their own designs based on futurism and other postmodern styles. Students will learn that not every building is an architectural masterpiece, and sometimes that's OK! This week will also look at the current trends in architecture as we moved into the coming years and decades. 

"Week 10: Catch Up and Wrap Up" students will use this week to complete any missing work, finish any builds that are not yet complete or create something new based on all of the information they have learned. 

Each student will need a Minecraft account. Any version of Minecraft (PC/Mac computer, Minecraft for Windows10, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or other gaming consoles, Minecraft PE for iPad, Android tablets, etc.) will work for this course. Purchase of a Minecraft account must be made separately and prior to the start of class. Instructions on how to build with Minecraft are not part of this course. Students with a few weeks of Minecraft experience through play or otherwise will have the skills needed to complete the builds in Minecraft. 

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